Rumblings from the Deep

Apologies for the Tolkeinian title, but the blog’s been quiet lately.¬†Too¬†quiet. People are starting to ask questions. People are afraid for me. Heaven forbid a hashtag should drum up a grassroots campaign to ascertain the whereabouts of a certain hardly-published young writer.

To assuage these fears, I’ll be making a public appearance. On Sunday, May 11 there’ll be a fundraiser at The New Parish in downtown Oakland for Nick Lollo, friend and philanthropist. There’s a Facebook link somewhere, but my curmudgeonly nature prevents me from accessing the site. And so, in archaic fashion, I present the facts:

Place: The New Parkway, 474 24th St., Oakland, CA

Time: Sunday, May 11, 12:30pm-2:30pm-ish

Cost: $10 (I think?), donations welcome

Offerings: stories, clothing swap, pun competition, music, the possibility of raffled-off beer

I’ve been told my visage adorns the banner for the event. I’m a celebrity! In accordance with my newfound status, I’ll be hauling my gear up onstage and reading a few poems for your pleasure and/or indifference.

Stay frosty out there.

Terms of Engagement

I’ve been suckered into some maleficent plot. The walls are closing in, water is seeping through the cracks in the brickwork, and the lever that could stop it all is just out of reach. Countless others have suffered the same fate already, as the bright red smears on the ceiling will attest. I am merely the latest victim to breathe the dank fumes of this dungeon, to scratch my fingernails off trying to stave off the inevitable.

I have created a blog. Continue reading