Rumblings from the Deep

Apologies for the Tolkeinian title, but the blog’s been quiet lately.¬†Too¬†quiet. People are starting to ask questions. People are afraid for me. Heaven forbid a hashtag should drum up a grassroots campaign to ascertain the whereabouts of a certain hardly-published young writer.

To assuage these fears, I’ll be making a public appearance. On Sunday, May 11 there’ll be a fundraiser at The New Parish in downtown Oakland for Nick Lollo, friend and philanthropist. There’s a Facebook link somewhere, but my curmudgeonly nature prevents me from accessing the site. And so, in archaic fashion, I present the facts:

Place: The New Parkway, 474 24th St., Oakland, CA

Time: Sunday, May 11, 12:30pm-2:30pm-ish

Cost: $10 (I think?), donations welcome

Offerings: stories, clothing swap, pun competition, music, the possibility of raffled-off beer

I’ve been told my visage adorns the banner for the event. I’m a celebrity! In accordance with my newfound status, I’ll be hauling my gear up onstage and reading a few poems for your pleasure and/or indifference.

Stay frosty out there.

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